Family Brew

TFI Sloan Student Programs | 2016 (Honorable Mention)

When Allison Daniels, 22, a microbiologist, has to leave her prestigious fellowship studying fermentation to go home to care for her dying father. She enters a beer-brewing contest and finds there’s more to family than she realized.

Jennifer Edwards Jennifer Edwards

Jennifer Edwards is a UCLA MFA Screenwriter who has had two short films produced, Departure and The Coward. She is currently writing a horror feature, Bloody Bayou, and producing a short based on... more»

Jennifer Miller Jennifer Miller

Jennifer is a UCLA MFA Screenwriter, who has two short films produced, Mother, Wedding Hangover, and a feature, Cajun Fried Rice, which she directed. Current projects set to direct: Bloody Bayou,... more»

I hope FAMILY BREW lets its audience see and feel new perspectives on relationships and maybe realize love sometimes flows so deeply we don’t see it on the surface. 

Genre: Scripted