Farewell Amor

After 17 years in exile, Walter’s wife and daughter are reunited with him in the U.S., now absolute strangers. They struggle to overcome the personal and political hurdles between them, sacrificing the lives they built while separated and need to rely on the muscle memory of Angolan dance to rediscover each other.

Ekwa Msangi Ekwa Msangi

Ekwa has written & directed several shorts, most recently award-winning comedy SOKO SONKO (The Market King), recipient of the Ousmane Sembene Short Film Development award, which produced her newly... more»

Huriyyah Muhammad Huriyyah Muhammad

Huriyyah Muhammad is an avid writer, director and producer whose passion lies at the intersection of telling great stories and helping others do the same. As an independent film producer, she has led... more»

Bruce Francis Cole Bruce Francis Cole

Bruce Francis Cole is a cinematographer who lives in both NY and LA and works globally. Early in his childhood he was an exceptional student in the form of visual art. Raised in the inner-city, his... more»

Additional Credits

Ntare Mbaho Guma Mwine (Actor)
Zainab Jah (Actor)
Jayme Lawson (Actor)

Genre: Scripted, Drama