Fenix Circus

The Andersons were born and raised as part of the Fenix Circus, and they continue to participate in the circus to this day. However, because of the downturn in audiences - and the deterioration of the circus as a cultural institution - they will have to decide whether they want to continue performing or adapt to a more conventional way of living. 

Ana Lorena Aguirre Ana Lorena Aguirre

Lorena is a student of Audiovisual Arts in the Universidad de Guadalajara. She has worked in the publicity arena and on student short films and music videos. In 2015, she attended an international... more»

Bruno Andrino Bruno Andrino

Bruno is currently an Audiovisual Arts student in Universidad de Guadalajara. He has worked as a director of photography in various productions, ranging from publicity, fiction projects and... more»

Genre: Documentary