A series of videotapes serve as the only witness to the tragic death of priest Juan Felipe, who had been trying to re-educate three wild children. The truth will be revealed through the reconstruction of different events.

Andrés Eichelmann Kaiser Andrés Eichelmann Kaiser

A member of Vicente Leñero’s writing workshop since 2009, Andrés studied screenwriting and film editing in Madrid. As an editor, he worked in HBO's Capadocia and Lourdes... more»

Nicole Maynard Pinto Nicole Maynard Pinto

A graduate from University of Costa Rica and EICTV, Cuba, in 2013 Nicole attended the Masterschool Documentary Campus. She has worked in different production areas for shorts, TV, documentaries and... more»

Juan Hernández Juan Hernández

A graduate from UNAM-Mexico, Juan worked as a producer of documentary and feature films in Mexico, South Korea and France. He has served as an assistant director, post producer and editor in... more»

Additional Credits

Osvaldo Montaño

Feral’s main intent is to blur the codes that separate film genres, putting under judgment the amount of information that is presented every day to a society that is less engaged with the truth.”

Genre: Documentary