Forbidden City

Reclusive book editor Soliel Li inadvertently saves a strange woman from an assault, but is unprepared for the surreal consequences that follow. Producers Jane Chen and Mia Riverton.  Suspense Drama.

Georgia Lee Georgia Lee

Georgia Lee has directed five short films. Her first two, The Big Dish: Tiananmen '89 and Bloom have shown at numerous film festivals and Bloom was broadcast as part of The Reel New York series... more»

Jane Chen

Jane Chen was most recently Vice President of Strategy at American Vantage Media, the parent company of Hypnotic, producers of The O.C., and video game developer YaYa. Prior to AVM, Chen was... more»

Mia Riverton Mia Riverton

Mia Riverton is an accomplished producer and actress, having worked in film, television and theater for over a decade.  She most recently produced and starred in the critically-acclaimed film... more»

Genre: Scripted