The Cage Fighter

Joe, a longtime amateur Mixed Martial Arts fighter, sets his sights on Clayton, a young titleholder. Joe's pursuit comes to a head as his life outside the cage begins to unravel.

Jeff Unay Jeff Unay

Jeff Unay is a Director, DP, Producer and award-winning Artist. He co-shot and co-edited the documentary, Free to Play . Jeff's postproduction credits include Avatar and King Kong . Jeff is... more»

Ariel Sultan Ariel Sultan

Ariel Sultan, a NYU film school alumna, heads a multimedia production studio in San Francisco. She has previously worked at Discovery Channel and BBDO.

James Orara James Orara

James is a Seattle-based Producer and Artist. He brings over five years of postproduction film experience, and is credited on projects including Star Trek, Rango, and The Avengers .

"The Cage Fighter is a dramatic, true-to-life fighter’s journey shot in scenic Washington state. It is captured in cinemaverite at 4K. No talking heads, impromptu interviews or narration will be used."

Genre: Documentary