HENRI: The Last Pirate

TFI Network | 2020

HENRI: THE LAST PIRATE follows Loti, the son of Henri Garcia, a French diver who decided to leave his European life behind and settle in Rapanui, Easter Island: the most isolated place in the world. For more than 30 years Henri documented his life on the island and shared a deep friendship with filmmaker Julian Fernandez’s father.

Julián Fernández Prieto Julián Fernández Prieto

Julián Fernández Prieto was born in Chile in 1981 and entered the world of film and documentary at a very young age. His father, also a documentary filmmaker, taught him how to develop... more»

Dominique Rammsy Sánchez Dominique Rammsy Sánchez

Dominique Rammsy Sánchez is the executive producer and executor responsible for projects selected by an audiovisual fund in Chile. Sánchez is a producer for television programs and... more»

Tomás Yovane Tomás Yovane

Born in Santiago de Chile, Tomás Yovane studied cinema at the Chilean Film School from 2005 to 2009. Yovane then moved to Argentina to study Photography Direction at the National School of Film... more»

Genre: Documentary