Homo Botanicus

Homo Botanicus explores the working relationship between botanist Julio Betancur and his disciple Cristian Castro, who diligently traverse the Colombian tropical forests. The anachronistic journey of these scientists leads them through an environment teeming with mystery surrounding plant life and their legacy in this world. 

Guillermo Quintero Guillermo Quintero

Guillermo is a Colombian documentary filmmaker and a Latin American cinema producer. He worked for channels “France 5” in France, and “Señal Colombia” in Colombia, as an... more»

Nicolas Van Hemelryck Nicolas Van Hemelryck

Filmmaker, photographer and architect, Van Hemelryck is currently producing and co-producing several features. Amazona, his debut (Producer, Co-director and Cinematographer) premiered at IDFA2016. He... more»

Clare Weiskopf Clare Weiskopf

A filmmaker and journalist, Clare has worked on subjects ranging from sexual violence as a weapon of war to the spread of cumbia music. She has won the Colombian National Journalism Award twice and... more»

Additional Credits

Homo Botanicus is a Co-Production between Casatarantula (Colombia) and Stank (France).
Marc-Olivier Brullé (Sound)
Zoe Cauwet (Additional Camera)
Julie Borvon (Film Editor)
Violeta Cruz (Music)

Genre: Documentary, Author-driven Documentary