Hong Kong Hero

Kenya, Present Day: Internationally renowned martial artist and Hollywood movie star Johnny Tang is kidnapped from the set of his latest film by a resourceful young African boy who believes Johnny can save his village from a brutal war lord. Producer Karin Chien. Action.

Abraham Lim Abraham Lim

Abraham Lim received his BFA/MFA for film at New York University. Lim paid his way through school by working as an editor and eventually as a director of music videos for Riviera Films, whose roster... more»

Karin Chien Karin Chien

Karin Chien is an independent film producer based in New York City. Ms. Chien is currently co-producing The Motel (winner of the NHK Screenplay Award at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival) with... more»

Genre: Scripted, Action & Adventure