How Far I’ll Go

IF/Then Short Documentary Program | 2018 (Docs By The Sea Lab / Pitching Forum)

Two blind childhood friends—Andrea and Salsabila— are now teenage girls living with their blindness in two different continents—USA and Indonesia. They share the same idea of the future: to gain independence so they can prepare themselves for a better life! 

Ucu Agustin Ucu Agustin

Ucu Agustin Is an Indonesian documentary filmmaker who deal with issues such as social injustice and gender inequality in her works. She is a writer and was a journalist then self-though herself to do... more»

Dian Raisha Dian Raisha

Dian Raisha Is an Indonesian Director of Photography for commercial, fiction, and documentary films. Her work have screened at IDFA.

Juan Mayo Juan Mayo

Juan Mayo is  started his editing career by making music videos, and short fiction. In 2014, he  collaborated with several artists of Hitrecord, an online art community based in Los Angeles,... more»