Human Terrain

An American anthropologist working in Iraq for The Human Terrain System, a military initiative that embeds social scientists in combat units, is accused of treason for befriending an Iraqi Muslim woman and helping her survive. 

The short stars Maggie Siff and Sarita Choudhury as the leads.

Parisa Barani Parisa Barani

Parisa Barani is an Iranian-Canadian-American film director. She was born and raised in Tehran, then immigrated to Vancouver at the age of 16, and eventually settled in Los Angeles. Barani... more»

Jennifer Blackmer Jennifer Blackmer

Jennifer Blackmer is the 2015 PEN/Laura Pels International Foundation for Theatre Emerging American playwright. Based in the Midwest, she is an Associate Professor of Theatre and Director of Immersive... more»

HUMAN TERRAIN is unique in that it explores the so-called War on Terror through a distinctively female lens—not just a Western female lens, but an Eastern one, too. 

Genre: Scripted, Drama