Immaculate Conception

When her pop star husband Pablito dies during a plastic surgery operation, Maria is left with a decision that may finally bring her happiness but requires a little divine intervention.

Hugo Perez Hugo Perez
Director/ Screenwriter

Hugo Perez is a filmmaker and writer whose work often focuses on his Cuban heritage. He is the recipient of the 2009 Estela Award for Documentary Filmmaking presented by NALIP – the National... more»

Katharyn Bond Marquez Katharyn Bond Marquez

Katharyn Bond Marquez is a founder of Converge Entertainment, LLC--a start-up company financing and producing American Latino themed projects--which is currently producing the documentary, Toxic... more»

Nick Spicer Nick Spicer

Nick Spicer is a partner at XYZ Films, where he helped build a partnership between XYZ and Time Inc., to develop articles from Time Inc.'s extensive library into feature films. Spicer produced... more»

Genre: Scripted, Comedy/Satire