INSPIRARE is an intimate and unyielding journey exploring female freediving champion Jessea Lu, as she faces her biggest fear: attempting to dive beyond 90 meters deep in one single breath.

Yuqi Kang Yuqi Kang

Yuqi Kang was born in Inner Mongolia, China. Growing up as an ethnic minority in China, art became the medium through which Yuqi began to confront and begin to articulate her lived experience. After... more»

Dana Kalmey Dana Kalmey

Dana Kalmey is a filmmaker, Impact Partners Producing Fellow, and former architect and college soccer coach. Her films include the award-winning TRAPPED (2016), WELL GROOMED (2019), (DIS)HONESTY: THE... more»

Cao Xi Cao Xi

Cao Xi is a producer/director whose prize-winning works have premiered worldwide in prestigious film festivals.  Projects include OUR KANGDING LOVE SONGS (2016), THE PRINCIPLE (2017), OINK... more»

Cecile Zhang Cecile Zhang
Director of Photography

Cecile Zhang is a Chinese cinematographer who graduated in Cinematography with high honours, from the Beijing Film Academy for both her Undergraduate and Masters degree where she now holds her own... more»

Genre: Documentary