When filmmaker Yasmin Hed discovers 16mm footage of the forgotten Apartheid-era South African musical Ipi N’Tombi, filmed by her late father in the 1970’s, she searches for meaning in the film he never finished.

Traveling to Johannesburg, she meets Todd Twala, an original dancer in the musical. Twala recounts working alongside Bertha Egnos, the white South African playwright who adapted this story about a Zulu warrior leaving his village to work in the treacherous Johannesburg goldmines.

Through Twala, Yasmin learns the musical’s controversial history: beloved by some, loathed by others. Twala reveals that she still carries scars from the period after the Soweto riots, when the musical traveled to Broadway, becoming the focal point of rage about Apartheid.

Together, Yasmin and Twala reconstruct the musical with a new generation of dancers, finishing the film Yasmin’s father never did - exploring identity, history and their connections to this universal story.

Yasmin Hed Yasmin Hed

Yasmin is a Dutch / American filmmaker based in Los Angeles.  IPI is her debut feature documentary. A graduate of Tisch School of the Arts, she met fellow alumnus producers Jeremy Stulberg... more»

Eric Juhola Eric Juhola

Eric is the director and producer of 2016’s GROWING UP COY, a trans-youth rights documentary which won 2 best documentary awards at festivals and is being distributed worldwide by Netflix.... more»

Jeremy Stulberg Jeremy Stulberg

Jeremy Stulberg is a documentary filmmaker, writer, producer and editor. He is a Sundance Documentary Fellow and the recipient of grants from numerous organizations including the New York State... more»

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