Lyka’s Adventure

A robot scientist named Lyka comes to Earth to collect data on the earth's environment. Rather than traditional energy sources, Lyka’s “fuel” is the creativity of others.

Lance Weiler Lance Weiler

Creator and experience designer of Lyka's Adventure and Connected Sparks platform.

Janine Saunders Janine Saunders

Janine Saunders is a creative producer and the co-founder of Reboot Stories currently building Lyka's Adventure and Connected Sparks platform.

Atley Loughridge Atley Loughridge

Atley Loughridge works on story and product development for Lyka's Adventure and as a creative producer for Wish for the Future, DIY Days, Connected Sparks, and The Sky is Falling.

“As I grow as a storyteller I become less confined to formats or running times. I'm drawn to how stories can be used as bridges between people; jumping off points for social connections.”

Genre: Interactive