Lift You Up

Glyn is a volunteer egg inspector in North Carolina who died and was revived after a heart attack. Since then, his outlook on life has taken a spiritual, thoughtful bent: He waxes poetic on life, death, and the meaning of existence.
Mandela quote: "The habit of attending to small things and of appreciating small courtesies is one of the important marks of a good person."

Ramin Bahrani Ramin Bahrani

Writer/Director Ramin Bahrani's films have premiered and screened at such festivals as Venice, Cannes, Sundance, Berlin and Toronto. He has won numerous awards such as the FIPRESCI prize for... more»

Frisly Soberanis Frisly Soberanis

Frisly Soberanis comes from Queens, NY via Guatemala. He graduated from the Academy for Careers in TV and Film and is currently pursuing his BA. He is currently a video content producer at Peloton... more»