Mercy Mercy

International adoption seems like the perfect solution to a heartbreaking imbalance: Poor countries have babies in need of homes, and rich countries have homes in need of babies. Unfortunately, a lot of the orphans are not orphans at all.

Katrine W Kjær Katrine W Kjær

Graduated in 1996 as multimedia designer and following worked as www developer at TeleDanmark and Y&R Advertising Agency. Since 1999 Kjær has been directing nationwide primetime... more»

Miriam Nørgaard Miriam Nørgaard

Producer at Fridthjof Film from 2010, Producer of Kill (Christoffer Boe/Ingvar Cronhammer), Rupture (Janus Metz/Christina Hamre), The House Inside Her (Pernille Rose Grønkjær/Astrid... more»

Sara Stockmann Sara Stockmann

Producer at Fridthjof Film Doc since 2009. Producer on ARMADILLO (Semaine de la Critique, Cannes 2010, amongst many other international awards), TANKOGRAD, (In competition Hotdoc 2010), and ROSKILDE... more»

Vibeke Windeløv Vibeke Windeløv

MERCY MERCY is a character-driven cinematic observational feature done in the epic style of Fridthjof Film´s international success Armadillo. The director works with great patience and temporal sensitivity in pursuit of emotional realism always pushing for identification and understanding of the actions of our characters.
This is a film about the value of family, life quality, hopes and dreams of a better life. Because of the film’s unique double perspective and access we experience these numerous situations of struggle, love and hope on a very human level encouraging emotional engagement and real understanding of a global issue.

Genre: Documentary