MICRO is a distributed museum. Its fleet of six-foot-tall science museums are installed in unexpected places, from hospital waiting rooms to the DMV.

Founded in 2016 by computational ecologist Amanda Schochet and producer Charles Philipp, MICRO brings designers, scientists, storytellers, and artists together to squeeze the best parts of museums down into boxes that can go anywhere.

MICRO releases a new museum topic into it's fleet every six months. TFI is helping MICRO develop their second science museum, The Perpetual Motion Museum, which uses kinetic sculptures, video, and audio to tell the story of humanity’s age-old struggle to harness and understand energy.

Cast & Crew


Charles Philipp and Amanda Schochet - Co-Directors
Labour - Designers
Ruby Murray - Head of Communications
Celeste LeCompte - Copy Editor
Beau Burrows - Engineer and Tinkerer
Evans + Paul - Museum Fabrication

Additional Credits

Twitter: @themicromuseums