Missed Days

Disappointed over a premature retirement from professional tennis and never fulfilling his deceased father's dreams, Enrique hopes the birth of his first child will bring him redemption.

Raúl Cuesta Raúl Cuesta

Raúl Cuesta began his career in the film industry through his work in photography. In 2009 he co-directed the film Rehje, a successful documentary winner of six international awards. His... more»

Fernando del Razo Fernando del Razo

Fernando del Razo co-wrote Tormentero by Rubén Imaz. Winner of the Project Development Program Hubert Bals Fund and Ibermedia Production Fund. He also has screenwriting credit for Christian... more»

Pedro G. García Pedro G. García

Pedro G. García has edited more than 10 narrative films and documentaries including: Ánima (Anton Terni), El Alcalde (Emiliano Altuna, Carlos F. Rossini) Refugiados (Nino Cozzi) and A... more»

Additional Credits

Anaïs Huerta

Pascual Reyes

“My films show personal concerns and conflicts embodied in people close to my life.”

Genre: Documentary