Modern Love

In the era of chill, where the goal is to “live your best life” for your followers, two young lovers are torn apart. Twenty year-olds Zoe and Oscar fight for love, sex and connection in the age of Instagram.

Francesca Mirabella Francesca Mirabella
Director, Screenwriter

Francesca Mirabella is a writer, visual artist, and filmmaker currently completing her thesis years in the graduate department at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she... more»

Ilana Rossein Ilana Rossein

Ilana Rossein is a New York City based producer and filmmaker. She founded Curbside Films in 2009, a production house dedicated to creating cinema with a global vision.  Ilana specializes in... more»

Sheldon Chau Sheldon Chau

Born and raised in Los Angeles and of Cantonese descent, Sheldon first discovered his greater passion for films in high school when he was introduced to the Criterion Collection DVDs by both his... more»

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Photo Credit: Aly Brier

Genre: Scripted, Coming-of-Age, Drama