Naz & Maalik

Two Muslims teens in love spend a summer's day hustling the streets of Brooklyn – until their secretive behavior leads them into the crosshairs of the War on Terror.


A decade into the War on Terror, two first-generation Muslim teens in love spend a summer afternoon hustling the streets of Bed-Stuy. Their secretive behavior unknowingly sets an FBI agent on their trail. Convinced the boys are engaged in violent radicalism, the agent spins their youthful adventure into chaos. Naz & Maalik examines the mysterious forces that animate individuals.

Jay Dockendorf Jay Dockendorf

Jay is a writer, director and composer. Naz & Maalik is his first narrative feature. His short documentary Vigilante Copy Editor (2013) was a featured Op-Doc of The New York Times. He co-composed... more»

Jacob Albert Jacob Albert

Jacob is a New York-based writer and producer who has produced documentaries, short films, and music videos, most recently for the Brooklyn-based group X-Ambassadors. He is the recipient of a 2014... more»

Margaret Katcher Margaret Katcher

Margaret is an LA-based writer and film producer. After spending two years in New Orleans as a Teach for America corps member, she began her career in film, hoping to produce material that presents... more»