Netball is a game played with seven people, unlike basketball, each player has a position which restricts them to certain areas on the court. The court is a similar shape and size to a basketball court but is made up of three parts. When playing netball a player needs to be three feet away from your opponent when defending. You do not dribble the ball and you cannot run with it. Alternate centre passes allow you to move the ball around creating an opportunity to get the ball to your selected goal end to score points. Netball is played mainly by British Commonwealth nations such as Australia, England, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica and so on.

Leah Purcell Leah Purcell
Director/ Writer

Leah Purcell is one of Australia’s leading actors, with award-winning roles in theatre, film and television.  She has a loyal audience following, admired and loved for the warmth and... more»

Bain Stewart Bain Stewart

Bain Stewart was born and raised in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  Leah Purcell’s partner in life and in business and in all creative aspects of their company has seen his role as a... more»

Genre: Scripted, Comedy/Satire