New City, New Me

The highs and lows of culture shock after immigrating to New York City are expressed through three students' stories.

Cast & Crew

School: Manhattan Academy for Arts and Language

Teaching Artist: Delmira Valladares

Co-Teacher: Kathryn Pepperted

Filmmakers: Sila Arias, Jeury Brito, Stephanie Cabello, Valerie Cabrera, Darwin Diaz, Eury Estevez, Miguel Febriel, Daniel Galindo,  Steve Gerson, Nicoll Leon, Carlo Mejia, Geovanny Mejia, Guarino Mendoza,  Ismael Paulino, Coralis Pena, Genesis Pena, Freddy Pillco, Jordy Rodriguez,  Katherine Rodriguez, Amayrani Salazar, Mohamed Saleh and Marisol Uraga

Genre: Documentary