No Kings

Beyond roads and electricity, only 150 miles away from Rio de Janeiro, there is a place where fishing, carving canoes, and building clay-walled houses by hand are still a vital part of daily life. NO KINGS explores the freedom of a hidden community descended from indigenous people, escaped African slaves and European pirates.  Here, a tomboy hurtles towards womanhood, while a fiercely independent single mother and a doubtful sea captain carry on at the edge of the sea.

Emilia Mello Emilia Mello
Director, Producer, Cinematorgrapher

Emilia is a Brazilian filmmaker who lives in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro. She graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a degree in Environmental Biology and in Latin American Studies and... more»

Additional Credits

David Alcaro (executive producer)
Nick Quested (executive producer)
Allison Light (executive producer)
Paolo Benzi (co-producer)
Raoul Nadalet (co-producer)
Roberto Minervini and Denise Ping Lee (co-producers)

Genre: Documentary