The Other Side of the River

Northern Syria. Hala, a young arab woman, flees her hometown of Manbij to escape the IS. After some months, Hala returns with women of the Kurdish movement to her hometown to help build a free society, in which women´s empowerment plays a significant role. She encounters resistance on all sides: from the traditional, patriarchal society, her family and even her own liberation movement.

Antonia Killian Antonia Killian

Born in 1986 in Kassel. Studied Visual Communication as well as Art and Media at the Berlin University of Arts. Director and camerawoman for documentaries, experimental films, and feature films.... more»

Guevara Namer Guevara Namer
Creative Producer

Guevara is a Syrian photographer and documentary filmmaker based in Berlin. Her film “Morning Fears, Night Chants” premiered at IDFA (2012) and was broadcasted on Al Arabiyya and ARTE... more»

Frank Müller Frank Müller

Born in 1969 in Mainz, Germany, Frank Müller is a film director and producer. After graduating from the Moscow Film School Vyshie kursy in 1995, he worked as director and producer for several... more»