No Women No Revolution

Against the backdrop of the Syrian Civil War, 20-year-old Hala is fighting not only for the liberation from IS, but also for the liberation of patriarchal and traditional structures, even inside her own family.

Tamara Taro Tamara Taro

Tamara studied visual communication, art and media at the Berlin University of Arts and cinematography at the Film University Babelsberg. She is director and camerawoman of documentary, experimental... more»

Sefinaz Mohhamad Sefinaz Mohhamad
Producer (Syria)

Sefinaz studied script-writing, cinema directing and photography in Turkey and later worked as festival manager. She is one of the founder of Komîna fîlm a Rojava in North Syria.  

Anna Markovski Anna Markovski
Producer (Germany Doppelplusultra)

Anna studied Film and Media at RUB University and Ethnographic Film/Visual Anthropology at HafenCity University. Since 2014 is working on different feature length documentaries as producer and... more»

Anja Vrdlovec Anja Vrdlovec
Producer (Slovenia Staragara)

Anja is a junior producer and head of development. She finished the Studies of Sociology in Ljubljana University. She joined Staragara film production in 2011, where she worked on several... more»