Pier Kids

TFI Pond5 Program | Spring 2019

PIER KIDS follows Desean, Casper and Krystal, three homeless queer youth who use the Piers at the end of Christopher Street to build new family as they navigate prostitution, the welfare system, and their biologicial families in order to find stable housing.​

Elegance Bratton Elegance Bratton
Director, Writer

Elegance was thrown out of his mother’s home at the age of 16 in New Jersey for being gay. He spent the next 10 years homeless seeking refuge wherever he could find it. After ten years... more»

Chester Algernal Chester Algernal

Producer and costume designer Chester Algernal Gordon was the first male African-American costume designer to compete in competition at Cannes Film Festival with... more»

Sabaah Jordan Sabaah Jordan
Executive Producer

Sabaah Folayan made her directorial debut at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival with the feature length documentary WHOSE STREETS?. Recently nominated for a Peabody... more»

Terence Nance Terence Nance
Executive Producer

Terence Nance was born in Dallas, Texas in what was then referred to as the State-Thomas community. Nance learned personhood there. Nance’s first feature film, AN OVERSIMPLIFICATION... more»