This film follows the personal quest of María José Pizarro to reconstruct her life and the life of her guerrilla leader father in order to reconcile with him.

Simón Hernández Simón Hernández

Simón Hernández is a documentary film director and an editor, born in Bogotá. His documentary Drassanes Spirits won the AVID award in Documenta Madrid 2010. He’s worked in... more»

Christian Bitar Christian Bitar

Christian Bitar is a developer, researcher and creative producer. He’s won Colombia´s Ministry of Culture (2009), FEISAL in Guadalajara, Human Rights BAFICI, and has participated in many... more»

Additional Credits

Camilo Sanabria

Sebastian Hernandez

"I belong to the late seventies generation which witnessed the hardest time of this country’s history. In our childhood we saw Colombia bleeding, caught up in a fratricidal war that no one was able to stop, or at least do anything to placate.”

Genre: Documentary