Point and Shoot

The film tells the story of Matthew VanDyke, a young Baltimore native, who went to Libya to join the rebels who were taking up arms against Gaddafi. While there, he was captured and spent six months in solitary confinement before escaping and returning to the front lines. **Previously titled Run and Gun

Marshall Curry Marshall Curry
Director, Producer, Editor

Marshall Curry got his start shooting, directing, and editing the documentary, STREET FIGHT, which follows Cory Booker's first run for mayor of Newark, NJ. It aired on PBS, the BBC, HBO Latin... more»

Matthew VanDyke Matthew VanDyke
Producer, Cinematographer

Matthew VanDyke has spent years in North Africa and the Middle East, traveling (often by motorcycle) and filming various projects. He joined the rebel army during the Libyan Revolution, documenting... more»

Additional Credits

Elizabeth Martin - Producer
Matthew Hamachek - Additional Editor

Genre: Documentary