Quicksilver Chronicles

TFI Network | 2018

In a fearless battle against conformity, the brilliant and volatile Kate Woods and her brother Kemp resettle in an abandoned California mining camp, conjuring the zeal of the ghost town’s past inhabitants. While homesteading duties are eased by fervent discussions with their old friend Tommy about politics, art, and existence, a new challenge arises: facing their own ghosts.

Ben Guez Ben Guez
Co-director, Producer

Born in 1983 in the Soviet Union, Ben immigrated to Chicago at the age of nine. He graduated in History and Latin American studies from University of Arizona. His short documentaries THE MEMORY... more»

Aleksandra Kulak Aleksandra Kulak
Co-director, Cinematographer

Originally from Belarus, Aleksandra graduated from Saint-Petersburg University Culture and Arts’ program and also studied at the Moscow Film School. She directed the short OK GOOD &... more»

Misha MacLaird Misha MacLaird

Originally from Oakland California, Misha has worked with numerous film festivals and production funds in the Bay Area and in Mexico, and is currently a programming consultant for the Guanajuato... more»

Additional Credits

Pedro González-Rubio (Executive Producer)
Andrey Dergachev (Sound Editor/Designer)

Photo Courtesy of Whimsy Mining Films 2017

Genre: Documentary