In a small town plagued by the war between the army and the drug traffickers, a child has lost his mother. His grandmother has told him that the only way of getting her back is to invoke the forces of nature. The boy heads off into a forest to plead for his mother, as the town prepares for a final battle with the army.

Joshua Gil Joshua Gil

Joshua began his professional career in the film Japan by Carlos Reygadas. He began working as a director of documentaries, publicity campaigns and television series in 2007 and directed his first... more»

Marion d’Ornano Marion d’Ornano

Marion started to work in film production in Mexico City on projects like Strange But True by Michel Lipkes, Matias Meyer’s Yo or Maria Novaro’s Tesoros. She is currently... more»

Additional Credits

Mateo Guzman (Cinematographer)
Galo Duran (Compositor)
Leon Felipe (Editor)

Genre: Scripted, Hybrid, Drama