TFI Network | 2020

In 1978, Haila, a conservative Muslim woman, expands her understanding of the society around her and builds bridges in her new marriage after her eyes are opened to the magic of cinema.

Hind Malfe Alfahhad Hind Malfe Alfahhad

Hind al-Fahhad is a Saudi filmmaker that started directing in 2012. She started with short films and screened in local and international film festivals such as the Abu Dhabi International Film... more»

Talal Ayel Alharbi Talal Ayel Alharbi

Talal Ayel Alharbi has worked as a film director and producer since 2002 in Saudi Arabia. He’s directed a variety of short and feature films. He’s produced a series of films for brilliant... more»

Hana Abdullah Alomair Hana Abdullah Alomair

Hana Alomair is a Saudi writer, filmmaker and film critic. Her script HADAF won the award for Best Script in the Saudi Film Competition in 2008. Her second short film THE COMPLAINT won the award for... more»

Genre: Scripted, Drama, Romance