Silence on the Riverbank

TFI Network | 2019

Years after abandoning a project about the men who live on the banks of South America’s La Plata River, filmmaker Igor Galuk found negatives more than half a century old that bore a striking similarity to his own work. Reinvigorated, Galuk undertakes a trip along the riverbanks of Argentina and Uruguay, reflecting on this enduring land and the people who remain.

Igor Galuk Igor Galuk

Igor Galuk is a filmmaker from Argentina who graduated from the Film School of La Plata. In 2007, he created the RIOCINE production company with the aim of producing film projects with a cultural... more»

Paula Asprella Paula Asprella

Paula Asprella is a producer and professor of Audiovisual Arts. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the UNLP. For more than ten years she has been a producer at Untref Media - and she is also... more»

Genre: Documentary