SUMERCÉ follows veteran activist Don Eduardo, rising political leader César Pachón and agricultural educator Rosita as they fight their government’s decision to allow mining companies to carve up their birthright in rural Colombia. As tensions rise, a battle unfolds for the future security of over twelve million Colombian campesinos and the country’s access to fresh water.

Victoria Solano Victoria Solano
Director, Producer

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Victoria Solano is an award winning filmmaker who has lived in Argentina since 2010. She studied journalism at the University of San An- dres and filmmaking at... more»

Marco Cartolano Marco Cartolano

Marco Cartolano is an Argentine filmmaker who has also lived in Colombia. He is the co-founder of Clementina Films, a production company focused on issue-driven documentaries based in Bogotá.... more»

Paula Vaccaro Paula Vaccaro

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paula Vaccaro is an award winning British-Italian executive producer, creative producer and screenwriter based in the United King- dom since 2000. With more than two... more»

Agustina Covián Agustina Covián
Executive Producer

Agustina Covián is a Spanish creative producer who has lived and worked in the US, France and Spain for over two decades. A 1997 Berklee graduate, she studied Film Scoring after obtaining a... more»

Genre: Documentary