Music is his passion. Violence is his muse.
Alex Delgado, the geeky drummer for the SuperMachos, awakens a powerful machismo in himself when he takes a job arresting shoplifters. Now he has the confidence to lead his band into the big-time and get the girl of his dreams. But can he control his new addiction to violence?

Aldo Velasco Aldo Velasco
Director/ Screenwriter

Aldo Velasco is a filmmaker and playwright born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He received his MFA in Film Production from UCLA. Aldo’s short film Crabgrass Manifesto screened at the Sundance... more»

Jasmine Jainsinghani Jasmine Jainsinghani

Jasmine Jaisinghani enters film production from an extensive background in music. She worked for George Harrison's label Dark Horse Records, where she was responsible for the release of... more»

Genre: Scripted