Sweet Hands

At seventeen, Nisa Rodriguez was being celebrated as a promising boxer until an unexpected life change threw her dreams against the ropes.

Jason Perez Jason Perez
Director, Producer

Jason Perez got his first start in film production spending eight years working under director Spike Lee. Soon after, Lee appointed Perez to direct a pilot for client Turner Broadcasting under his... more»

Mike Ellis Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis has worked on numerous films with Spike Lee including Crooklyn, Summer of Sam, and Inside Man. He has also produced the films Jim Brown: All American, and The Perfect Age of Rock n Roll.

Daniel Patterson Daniel Patterson
Director of Photography

 A graduate of Morehouse College, with a B.A. in Theater, Daniel Patterson received his first film internship on Spike Lee’s film 25th Hour. Soon after, he began attending New York... more»

Genre: Documentary