The Big Day

The wedding day is a big day for many people’s lives. For Rachel, Gislaine and Patrícia, it’s just another day of work. THE BIG DAY follows the actions of these wedding industry professionals – a make-up artist, a chef and a gown designer – as they navigate this industry with clients, employees and with each other. The film observes these women’s lifestyles and their beliefs. Through the juxtaposition of the clients' and especially the professionals' perspectives the film aims to explore the construction of femininity within this universe of consumption, ambition and tradition.

Helena Ungaretti Helena Ungaretti

Helena Ungaretti works mainly as an assistant director for fiction films and television and as a researcher for documentaries. She has directed the documentary P (17’, 2014/ best film... more»

Guilherme Giufrida Guilherme Giufrida

Guilherme Giufrida is an anthropologist, curator, and documentary filmmaker. He holds a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology from Museu Nacional-UFRJ and has started a PhD in the same field.... more»

Angelo Ravazi Angelo Ravazi

Angelo Ravazi established his production company Massa Real in 2006. Since then he has produced the documentaries The Laughter of Others (52’, 2012), The Revolution of the Year (82’,... more»

Cast & Crew

Alexandre Wahrhaftig (Photographer)
Lia Kulakauskas (Editor)

Additional Credits

Alexandre Wahrhaftig (Photographer)
Lia Kulakauskas (Editor)

Genre: Documentary