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Juan is a sixteen-year-old diagnosed with symptoms of Asperger's who makes movies with his 96-year old grandmother. His movies serve as a form of expression and personal refuge, but as he becomes increasingly concerned with the day his grandmother will be gone, his stories begin to explore his feelings about death.  

Mercedes Dominioni Mercedes Dominioni

Montevideo, 1986. Degree in Audiovisual Communication. Master in editing at ESCAC and Master in Creative Documentary at Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Editor in different documentary projects. Currently she... more»

Gerardo Castelli Gerardo Castelli

Montevideo, 1976. Magister in Documentary (IDEC-Pompeu Fabra). Academic Coordinator in Universidad ORT Uruguay. In 2011 he directed Hospi (documentary, Uruguay), he directed the 2014... more»

By filming the fragility of the bond between my brother and grandmother a fear of loss appears; this is what I want to capture with my movie.

Genre: Documentary