A Cure for Fear

Neuroscientist Dr. Merel Kindt has discovered a cure for phobias using common medication. It's a brief but intense exposure to the patient's fear, followed by taking a single pill. 24 hours later, the fear is gone. From animal phobias to PTSD, the potential impact is both profound and dazzlingly complex. A CURE FOR FEAR goes inside Dr. Kindt's radical treatments as she explores the ethically treacherous grounds of curing our most human ailment.

Lana Wilson Lana Wilson
Director, Producer

Lana Wilson is an Emmy-winning and two-time Spirit Award-nominated director, writer, and producer based in New York. Her latest film, The Departure, premiered at Tribeca in 2017 and was nominated... more»

Shrihari Sathe Shrihari Sathe

Shrihari Sathe is an independent producer and director. Sathe's feature directorial debut – Ek Hazarachi Note (1000 Rupee Note) has received over 30 awards including several recognitions for... more»

Emily Topper Emily Topper

Emily Topper was born and raised in Baltimore, earned a BA from Swarthmore College in Literature, and an MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Topper began work in documentary as an intern at... more»