The Dance Floor

TFI Network | 2019

The youth of Fortaleza, Brazil throw parties and flee by plane, perhaps to escape the heat of the burning sun. THE DANCE FLOOR follows these youth as they plan a wild party: Izack to win over Renata, who he is hopelessly in love with, and sisters Deborah and Gyl, whose parties are at risk of ending when their mother cuts off their spending.

Leonardo Mouramateus Leonardo Mouramateus

Leonardo Mouramateus is a writer and director of multiple awarded short films, including MAURO IN CAYENNE (2013) and THE PARTY AND THE BARKING (2015). Both titles won Best Short Film at the... more»

Ticiana Augusto Lima Ticiana Augusto Lima

Ticiana Augusto Lima is a native of Fortaleza, Brazil, and has worked as a producer since 2009. She founded production company Tardo in 2012. She has produced five features and twelve shorts in the... more»

Genre: Scripted