The Great Experiment

Two hundred and twenty-seven years after George Washington remarked on America as ”the last great experiment," an assembly of diverse documentary filmmakers from around the country consider a new experiment.

Stephen Maing Stephen Maing

Stephen Maing is a Brooklyn-based Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer. His feature documentary, HIGH TECH, LOW LIFE, about two of mainland China’s first citizen reporters,... more»

Eric Daniel Metzgar Eric Daniel Metzgar

Eric Daniel Metzgar is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker and Sundance Documentary Lab Fellow. He directed, shot and edited REPORTER about New York Times journalist Nick Kristof, which premiered at... more»

Rachel Traub Rachel Traub

Rachel Traub is the Director of Development at Concordia Studio, launched by Davis Guggenheim to focus on documentary storytelling, production, and finance.Previously, she served as VP of Non-Fiction... more»

Additional Credits

Collaborating Cinematographers:
Zac Manuel
Elaine McMillion Sheldon
Elizabeth Lo
Kamau Bilal
Matthew Cassel
Micah Garen
Stephen Maing
Eric Daniel Metzgar
Curren Sheldon
Brad Barber
Trina Rodriguez
Jason Outenreath
Alexandra Ivanova
Erik Ljung
Elena Laskari
Nelson Walker
Pacho Velez
Nicole Salazar
Iva Radivojevic
Mike Shum
Sinbad Rumney-Guggenheim
Miao Wang
Jia Li
Pablo Fulgueira
Chelsea Myers
Rose Bush
Andrew Mudge
Clay Hereth
Kelly Creedon
Kelly West
Chad Stevens
Gabe Dinsmoor
Ryan White

Additional Cinematography:
Amy Bench
Andy Grace
Du Haibin
Vaughn Greve
Matthew Gordon
Christina Voros
Thorsten Trimpopp
David Osit
Nate Chambers
Tenzin Phuntsog
Jonathan Schneider
Ben Pender-Cudlip
Daniella Alatorre
Jessica Dimmock
Gabriella Garcia-Pardo

Photo Credit: Eric Daniel Metzgar