The Greatest Wait

TFI Network | 2020

Zei, a 3rd generation Palentinian refugee, returns to her ancestral home Haifa through virtual reality, the one way she can see Palestine. Disembodied by the virtual, she interconnects Haifa, Beirut & Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal in the 1940s, 90s, and 2020s. Zei returns home to her body with a new way of being in the world.

Razan Alsalah Razan Alsalah
Writer, Director

Razan AlSalah works across a range of image, text and installation practices investigating the politics of dis/appearance of places and bodies in colonial image worlds. She is a 2020 Arab Fund for... more»

Emily Dudognon Emily Dudognon

Emilie Dudognon launched Ida.Ida in 2015 to answer the specific production needs of films at the crossroads of cinema and art. In 2016, Ida.Ida and momento! joined forces and set up a joint venture in... more»

Momchil Alexiev Momchil Alexiev

Momchil Alexiev graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome and The Netherlands Film Academy. Over the past 12 years, he has worked as a filmmaker and theatre scenographer in Italy, Bulgaria,... more»

Ali Kays Ali Kays
Creative Lead

Ali Kays is a visual artist and creative director working with digital, virtual, analog, video and immersive narratives. Ali is a creative lead and conceptual narrator with over eight years of... more»