The Human Experiment

With thousands of untested chemicals in everyday products, have we all become unwitting guinea pigs in one giant human experiment? The fight is on to protect us from toxic products before they cause irrevocable harm.

Don Hardy Don Hardy
Director/Producer/Director of Photography

Don Hardy is a director and cinematographer whose documentary features Witch Hunt (MSNBC) and Love Hate Love (OWN) have screened at top festivals around the world and won Grand Jury, Audience &... more»

Dana Nachman Dana Nachman

Dana Nachman has won dozens of awards for her documentaries, Batkid Begins, Witch Hunt, Love Hate Love, The Human Experiment and Close to Home. The Final Show is her first narrative work.

Chelsea Matter Chelsea Matter

Chelsea Matter is a film and television producer whose documentary series have aired on Discovery, History, A&E and National Geographic. She was the associate producer of Love Hate Love, which... more»

Additional Credits

Ashvini Bhave

"By telling this story through individuals working for change, our hope is to give audiences an empowering way into an issue that can otherwise be overwhelming."

Genre: Documentary