The Oldest Man Alive

A suicidal 88-year-old inventor finds a reason to live in the young Romanian woman who saves him from drowning. But the more involved with her he becomes, the more his suspicious family questions her motives.

Antonio Tibaldi Antonio Tibaldi

Antonio Tibaldi has co-written and directed five feature films. He has also shot numerous documentaries for United Nations TV to shed light on under-reported realities in South and Central America,... more»

Lou Pitt Lou Pitt

Lou Pitt, an agent for many years and executive at ICM in the Motion Picture and Television department, formed his own Management/Production company In 1998, The Pitt Group and Alton Road... more»

Additional Credits

Christopher Plummer

Maria Dinulescu

Amanda Plummer

Ryan Brown

"This is character-driven material. The camera will ‘observe’ behaviors. We expect our actors to challenge the script, rediscover it for themselves, bring it to life in their own unique ways."

Genre: Scripted