The Rosenbergs

Part gripping crime drama, part heartbreaking love story, and part tense political thriller, this is the powerful true story of The Rosenbergs told through the eyes of Ethel, a young singer and housewife who, along with her husband, is arrested, tried and executed for espionage.

Neda Armian Neda Armian

NEDA ARMIAN is a multiple award winning film producer with a varied roster of projects. Her company, Armian Pictures, produces feature films, documentaries, television and digital content. She is... more»

Anil Baral Anil Baral

As a writer/producer, Anil has various projects in television, feature film, and theatre. As a producer, Anil has participated in Film Independent’s Producer’s Lab, Film... more»

Elisabeth Moss Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss can next be seen starring in THE FREE WORLD, a drama from director Jason Lew also starring Boyd Holbrook, which premiered at the 2016 Sundance International Film Festival, and... more»

Andrij Parekh Andrij Parekh

Of Ukrainian and Indian descent, Andrij studied cinematography at the FAMU film school in Prague and at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he received his MFA in 2001. Andrij was nominated for... more»

Yon Motskin Yon Motskin

Yon is a writer and director. He wrote The Rosenbergs, about atomic spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, which will star Elisabeth Moss. His first film premiered at Sundance, he directs network... more»

Additional Credits

Elisabeth Moss (Actor/Producer)

Neda Armian (Producer)

Andrij Parekh (Cinematographer)

THE ROSENBERGS is not just about a highly charged political situation: it’s about the implosion of a family and our protagonist finding her voice at the cost of her life. 

Genre: Scripted, Historical Biography, Drama