The Space Between All Things

Fleeing the questionable circumstances surrounding the recent tragic death of his wife, a rebellious Nevada miner seeks spiritual redemption on his journey to California.  Writer B. Russell Friedenberg, Producers Heather Rae and Yvonne Russo. Drama.

Randy Redroad Randy Redroad

Randy’s feature debut THE DOE BOY premiered at the Sundance Film Festival where it won the Sundance/NHK International Filmmaker’s Award. The film went on to win fourteen other festival... more»

B. Russell Friedenberg

Native New Yorker Russell Friedenberg wrote Trudell, which will be screened at this year’s Festival. Mostly recently, he wrote and starred in the mountain gothic thriller American Monster. His... more»

Heather Rae Heather Rae

Heather Rae has produced more than a dozen documentary films, both independent and for television. In the late 1990s Rae was the Director of the Native American Program for the Sundance Institute... more»

Yvonne Russo

Originally from the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, Yvonne Russo has been a producer since 1996, working on narrative and documentary features as well as short films. She gained industry notice... more»

Genre: Scripted