The Spark

In the sweltering chaos of Kanpur, India, Radha is trapped between her new life as the only woman trainee at the local energy company and her past as an electricity thief. Drawn into an escalating spiral of corruption, bribes, and theft, she has to determine her own path to power.

Eva Weber Eva Weber

A London-based, German director working in documentary and fiction, Eva Weber has found acclaim with short films like THE SOLITARY LIFE OF CRANES, REINDEER and FIELD STUDY. Her films have won numerous... more»

Sophie Vickers Sophie Vickers

Sophie joined London-based Rooks Nest Entertainment in 2012 to grow the company's slate of original projects, and has since executive produced Gillian Robespierre's OBVIOUS CHILD, EL... more»

Ruth Greenberg Ruth Greenberg

Ruth is a London-based award-winning screenwriter with a special interest in female protagonists and elevated-genre. Ruth's spec futuristic British Western, THE COMPETITORS, topped the industry... more»

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Photo Credit: Ruth Greenberg

Genre: Scripted, Thriller