The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

A story about a famous and hot-tempered Tajik musical family,
led by the charismatic, funny and controlling Papa Alaev, who at the age of 80 is starting to lose his grip on his family.

Tal Barda Tal Barda

Tal Barda got her graduate degree in cinema from 
Tel-Aviv University (2008) and has been working in
the documentary film industry ever since. He’s fascinated by unique characters... more»

Noam Pinchas Noam Pinchas

Noam Pinchas has been making documentaries for the last six years; this is his fifth film. Noam is always looking for his next documentary, focusing on charismatic, interesting and funny characters.

Uri Ackerman Uri Ackerman

Uri is one of Israel's senior and awarded DPs, with films such as Emmy 
winner Google Baby, 9 Star Hotel (nominated for European Best Doc
 award), Dolphin Boy (Hot Docs 2011, Arte,... more»

Additional Credits

Nohar Haseen

Asher Dahan

Uri Ashkenazi

"A family drama documentary that unfolds in front of the camera spiced up with extraordinary music and humor, rare Tajik archive footage and cut out animation.”

Genre: Documentary