The Yes Men Are Revolting: Action Switchboard

Notorious activists, the Yes Men are on a gonzo mission to save the planet, one stunning hoax after another... but this time, it's personal.

Mike Bonanno & Andy Bichlbaum—The Yes Men Mike Bonanno & Andy Bichlbaum—The Yes Men

An activist duo known for two previous documentaries that chronicle their hoaxes and interventions at business events, online, and in the streets.

Laura Nix Laura Nix

Director-producer of The Light in Her Eyes, which premiered at IDFA and broadcast on POV. She produced the hit Yes Men Fix the World. Other nonfiction work has been shown on HBO, IFC, History... more»

"The Yes Men crusade against climate change, but can their hijinks make a difference? In their struggle to regain hope, we realize the importance of taking a stand.”

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