Accept the Call

A father seeks to understand why his son is accused of terrorism after an FBI sting operation puts him and five others in prison. Accept the Call follows the lives of Somali-Americans in Minnesota as they struggle against Islamophobia in contemporary America.

Eunice Lau Eunice Lau

As a former journalist, Eunice has a propensity toward stories concerning social justice. She was nominated for an AMPAS Student Academy Award in 2012 and received a Spike Lee Fellowship for her... more»

Arthur Nazaryan Arthur Nazaryan

Since 2015, Arthur has covered the Somali community in Minneapolis as a photojournalist, publishing in the New York Times, CNN, and Atlantic. At the same time, he began research... more»

Yasu Inoue Yasu Inoue

Inspired by the cinema of Ozu and Kurosawa, Yasu came to New York to study film and discovered editing through maestros Walter Murch and Fred Wiseman. Yasu has produced and edited over 15 features... more»

Christina Choe Christina Choe

As a first-generation immigrant born and raised in Minneapolis, Christina brings a personal lens in the making of The Youth. In the past nine years, she has worked in various capacities in film... more»

Additional Credits

Mike Shum (Cinematographer)
​Christina Choe (Associate Producer)

Genre: Documentary